I’ve never done Muay Thai before. Where do I begin?
We have a beginner video series. Look for Muay Thai Fundamentals under the main curriculum and watch the videos there. Once one has that material under their belt, they will be ready to learn from any of the other videos on our site.

What all do I get with my membership?
With every membership you get full unlimited access to all videos on Muay Thai University.

I’m having trouble loading some videos, what is the problem?
There are many possible problems that can cause this. Our video files are stored on a world class Amazon S3 server, so our delivery system is good. So if there is a speed problem or a problem with video “stuttering,” it is most likely on the user’s side.

The most common cause for this is a lag in one’s internet connection (or perhaps your connection is overloaded and saturated). So make sure your connection is good. Go to www.speedtest.net to check your connection speed. A lot of things can affect your bandwidth everything from malware on your computer to your little brother in another room watching YouTube.

Second, make sure you are signed in correctly and then REFRESH YOUR BROWSER (control + F5 on a PC or command + F5 on Mac). Sometimes your browser can present you a “cached page” that does not have you logged in.

Finally, if you think it is a problem with a particular video, please send us the link so we can take a look. Make sure to tell us exactly what the problem was (video not playing at all, stuttering, no player present for the video, error message, etc.) and we will look into it.

I’m having problems using my login and username, and when attempting to reset the password, I am not getting the email to do so.
Make sure you check the email account you signed up with (it may be different than the one you normally use). Also, don’t forget to check your spam/junk folder in case the email ends up there. If you still have a problem, contact support.

I signed up and paid a few days ago and watched some videos but now I can’t watch the videos anymore and get the message: Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page… etc.
First, make sure you are logged in correctly. If you are logged in and getting this message, REFRESH YOUR BROWSER, (preferably by hitting control + F5 on the PC or command + F5 on the Mac) to make sure you are not looking at a cached version of the page. Also, if your monthly payment has failed or been returned, your access will be discontinued until a payment is verified. If you have checked all of these things and you are still having problems, contact support and send us the link of the problematic page.

I’m having problems with something. How do I contact support?
No problem, just send an email to support@muaythaiu.com.

How do I cancel my membership?
No problem, just send an email to support@muaythaiu.com.

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